The 2018 CrossFit Open has arrived!! It’s time to throwdown have some fun and show how hard you’ve been working on all year long! Our Four teams are ready to hit the competition floor and fight for the right to be the 2018 Intramural Open Champions! Check back regularly for Updates on bonus points, leadboard, photos, update show, and find out each week who had the Top Performances of the week! 

Stay Gold Pony Boy

Team Captains (The Frey’s)  

2018 Leaderboard

99 Problems But A Snatch Ain't One

Team Captains (Nicole and Missy G)  

St. Lunatics

Team Captains (Stacey & Nelle)  

Total Points From all Teams

Beef and Cheese

Team Captains (Tecau & Hoon)  

After Wod Interviews Coming Soon!

Thank you to our sponsors for providing food for the friday night lights. Let Chris know how he did!