Nutrition Tips – Eating Out

When people come to us looking for nutrition guidance, one of the questions that they have is how can we still be successful when eating out.  Here are a few tips that we have found helpful.

Abbie Wilson’s Story

Since starting CrossFit the summer of 2016, I have lost 40 lbs. total. I would not have come close to this had it not been for the 13 Stripes CrossFit team and community. I am always challenged, encouraged, and supported by the coaches and community.

What exactly is the CrossFit Open and our Intramural Open?

Every year we get questions about what the CrossFit Open is and why people should do it.  This year, registration for the 2018 CrossFit Open is set to begin on Thursday, January 11th and at 13 Stripes we couldn’t be more excited for the introduction of the Intramural Open this year also.

What are your goals?

Setting goals is an important part of getting better, but we often set goals without any real plan to reach them.  In 2018, we want to help you not only reach your goals, but exceed them by providing the support and motivation to keep you on track. 

Why do we do accessory work?

One of the most common questions we get asked is do we have to do the accessory work that is included in most classes?  While sometimes it is called “extra credit,” it really is an important part of any class. So the next time you are considering whether to finish the accessory work after you have finished the wod and are laying on the floor exhausted, the answer is YES!!!  It really will help you in the long run.

New Year New Beginnings

Do you want to be more fit or healthy in the New Year?  We can HELP you!  To find out how we can help with fitness or nutrition, schedule a No Sweat Intro at

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