Spartan SGX


SGX is Spartan’s official training program and the leader in obstacle race fitness. SGX is designed for every fitness level and any age, a scientifically-supported solution to get anyone physically and mentally prepared for a Spartan Race, or to live more vitally. SGX is grounded in functional bodyweight exercise to improve agility, athleticism and power; the workouts are progressive, varying in exercise volume, intensity and specificity over time. SGX is also about empowerment. Coaches are trained to help people improve their nutritional and lifestyle habits and self-efficacy, all critical to success in the race and in daily life.

Class Overview:

Spartan SGX is designed to create an exhilarating and community driven group atmosphere of fitness. During each class you will run, jump, climb, push, pull, throw, stretch, breathe and sweat to build both mental and physical endurance and stamina and you will do so in an environment that challenges you to achieve goals you never thought possible. Classes are constantly varied from start to finish with time allowed for a warm-up at the beginning of each class.



SGX training will benefit you on the race course or on the soccer field, at the box or at the yoga studio, on the track or on the trail, at work and at home, and in how you feel every day.


This is not included as part of a 13 Stripes CrossFit membership.


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